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BodyMind Coaching with Laura Wieck™ is a comprehensive coaching program designed specifically for hands-on and heart-centered holistic practitioners that will show you how to incorporate a simple and effective coaching process with your current modalities so that you can break free from trading time for money and create a greater impact (and income) in the world.

There are three main components of the program that are specifically designed to help you get results:

We’ll coach you… As a holistic practitioner, you know that taking care of yourself helps you become a better practitioner. The same is true for coaching. In order to become an effective coach, you must receive regular coaching.  

Being coached through The BodyMind Coaching process will not only help you tune into your intuition and uncover the wisdom within your body, it will also help you as you coach others through this process.  

My team and I have witnessed time and time again that as you make the internal shifts within, you naturally attract clients who are ready to receive this work for themselves. That is why we include personalized coaching support throughout the entire program. 

We’ll teach you how to coach… The BodyMind Method© is an effective coaching process that combines the heart of your holistic services with a powerful coaching conversation so that you can help your clients take aligned action towards achieving their health and wellness goals.

When you learn how to facilitate effective coaching conversations, you’ll unlock the hidden potential within your services. What makes this process different than other coaching programs out there is that you will learn how to effortlessly combine powerful and effective coaching conversations with your current modalities, to encourage clients to take action. 

If you are looking to serve your clients in a more meaningful way without adding more physical work to your schedule, the BodyMind Method© will transform how you serve your clients. 

We’ll teach you how to create and sell your coaching programs…

Learning how to enroll a client into your program (and into their vision) is one of the most powerful and life-changing conversations you will ever learn how to deliver. That is why we show you how to create effective coaching programs AND how to sell them in a heart-centered way. 

This one skill is a game changer for you, your clients and the future of your business because you can always create an income for yourself when you master these skills.

Please Note! This Program Is Application Only!

We are committed to working with people we know we can help!

Because committed to working with people we fully believe we can help, we only invite a select number of people into the program. 

To apply, add your name, email and phone number to the form above and you will immediately be taken to our calendar to schedule a call with our team. 

During your call, we will help you get clear on where you are in your business (what's working/not working), we'll outline your goals and tap into your heart-centered vision, we'll assess if we are a good fit to work together and we'll answer any questions you might have about the program including start dates, how it works and the investment.  

To get started, add your name and email address above and we look forward to talking to you soon!!  

With Love,  

Laura & Team Wieck  

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